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How to Fix Printer Paper Feed Problems All by Yourself

During our printer life, we will be always faced with printer paper problems such as multiple papers fed into printer in one time, paper jams, paper misfeed and many other similar problems. So in the event of such phenomena, how can you to figure yourself out? Here we will provide you some professional troubleshooting solutions to paper problems of two for your refrence.

Printer paper feed problems: multiple papers have been fed in one time

First of all, check whether printer paper has been placed in correct position or not. And if the answer is positive, the height of your printer paper should not be higher than that of the arrow mark on the left side of feed slot . Subsequently, you should pay attention to specifications of printer paper: By default, paper of 60 – 80 grams weight will meet the requirements; Nevertheless, multiple paper of less than 60 grams will be absorb in one time in many cases.

On the other hand, curled paper will lead to such a phenomenon too. Therefore, you should flatten it open or curl the printer paper in opposite directions slightly to make sure that printer paper surface is smooth and tidy.

Furthermore, electrostatic induction can also be blamed for it. Such the case being, you should spread printer paper in the shape of a fan to ensure that each sheet of paper can be separated independently before them have been fed into printer. And only by having done that, can printer papers be loaded into the paper slot.

And as to those printers that can regulate paper thickness, to adjust position of lever is also very important. In other words, the position of lever should be vary with. Generally speaking, the lever value should be set to “0” for conventional papers. But you should bear in mind that different printers should conform with its respective lever regulation standard according to their refrence manual.

Printer paper feed problems: Printer paper cannot be fed at all

First of all, installation position of printer paper should be deserved your attention once again. And if height of printer paper had been beyond that of arrow logo of left guide rail, amount of paper should be reduced to render this situation normal.

Subsequently, jammed papers invoked by blockages in inner parts of your printer will result in it as well. thereupon, blockages should be cleaned away gently along the output direction with printer power closed, and so should those remaining bits of paper.

Sometimes, moisture will accumulate if printer papers have been placed for a long time so that papers will not be fed into either. And to dry those kinds of printer paper and ensure that papers are smooth and tidy instead of being curled in this process simultaneously can solve such a printer paper fe problems.

Ultimately, if ink in cartridge has been run out, printer paper cannot be fed into naturally. Accordingly, new cartridge must be replaced to continue printing. And flickering printer light can be one of powerful indicator to warn that ink will to be run out soon.

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HP Drivers Download - HP Printer Drivers Download, HP PC Drivers Download, HP Notebooks Drivers DownloadHP Drivers Download - HP Printer Drivers Download, HP PC Drivers Download, HP Notebooks Drivers Download

HP Drivers Download - HP Printer Drivers Download, HP PC Drivers Download, HP Notebooks Drivers Download

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